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8 Jun 2020 - 15 Oct 2020
Online Event
2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call - Virtual Marketplace

Check out this page for the slides and recordings of pitches presented during the webinars on 15th and 16th July!

Pitching by Singapore companies

15 July 2020 | Watch a recording of this session here

Presentation slides below are in the same order as during the webinar.

01_CLOPTech - AIoT Using Fast Wireless Connectivity

02_8nalytics - Data Analytics AI for Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

03_Opsis - Emotion A.I. - COVID Tele-Sense Solutions

04_Detalytics - Purpose-Driven Knowledge for Health, Risks & Performance Management

05_Crely Healthcare - Project PROSPER – Development of a PROactive Symptom and social Engagement Wearable trackeR for communities

06_Qi_Square - Development of an instant energy assessment and energy efficiency collaboration tool for built environment

07_Curium - Self-Calibrating Sensor Technology for Industry 4.0

08_Enverse - Generating energy analytics insights

09_JAH Tech - Material Tech for Environment, Manufacturing and Healthcare

10_Biosystems Limited - Sustainable Aquaponics Biosystems

11_Craft Health - 3D Printing Technology for Pharmaceuticals _ Nutraceuticals

12_Invivo Medical - Technology Platform-Percutaneous Access Needle Assist

13_Hydroemission - Controlled Release Technology to unlock green and innovative solutions across industries, applications and products

Pitching by companies from participating countries

16 July 2020 | Watch a recording of this session here

Presentation slides below are in the same order as during the webinar.

01_KWR - Water in the Circular Economy

02_MiFood Robot

03_byteLAKE - Highly optimized AI Engines and High Performance Computing Apps for multiple industries

04_Oxford Dynamics - Project Nightingale - extending the independence _ freedom of an aging population

05_Optimiz - Seeking Machine Learning Technologies for Predictive Claims Resolution

06_PLUXITY - A.I. Integrated Operation System Based on Digital Twin

07_Sencomo - Stress Management and Digital Therapeutics

08_Inavya Ventures - AI for remote healthcare delivery

09_LastMile Team - Highly Optimised AI Engines and High Performance Computing Applications for Road Transport

10_482.solutions - Blockchain technology for transactive energy management - Electrodo

11_3R_BioPhosphate - Integrated up-cycling of food industrial waste waters and by-products to improve agri resource management

12_Kis-Izolator - GT-Energy vertical axis wind generator

13_Witeveen Bos - All-In-One Water and Resources Refinery

14_Naturbeads - Natural Biodegradable Microbeads

15_XTPL - Ultra-precise deposition technology for high-resolution

16_Hexsor Scientific Ltd - An Innovative Sensor Solution for Smart Water Management (Recording)


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